Adhatoda leaves (malabar nut) to treat phlegm in children – DIY Recipe
Servings Prep Time
1Use 25Minutes
Servings Prep Time
1Use 25Minutes
  1. To prepare this extract, you need fresh malabar nut or adhatoda leaves, honey and black pepper powder.
  2. First, clean leaves and chop them into small pieces.
  3. We need to steam the leaves. So, first fill enough water in a vessel that can be used for steaming.
  4. Now, place the leaves in a smaller size vessel and keep it in the water.
  5. Now cover the bigger vessel with a lid. Switch on the flame and let it steam for 15 to 20 minutes in medium flame.
  6. This is how steamed leaves should look. Can be steamed for more time if required.
  7. Now, place the leaves in a crusher or a mortar.
  8. Add little water and crush the leaves well.
  9. Squeeze the leaves using a strainer or white cotton cloth to extract the juice from it.
  10. Add honey to the extract.
  11. Add black pepper powder to the extract.
  12. Mix well. You can add more honey if required.
  13. Now the extract is ready!
Recipe Notes

Instructions to use:

Phlegm will get reduced and flushed from the system when this drink is fed to children once a day.

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