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We at Bowl of Herbs are a team of three mothers (writing under the pen name – Yazhini) who believe that the everyday food we consume is all the medicine the body needs and that when we eat right, healthy living is easy to achieve!

How it began

It all started last winter when one of our children got sick. She was barely 18 months old and was often falling sick because of the change in weather. It was frustrating as a mother to give rush to the doctor every week or give her bottles of medicines and still end up in the same place. She was update on all vaccines, she was wearing warm clothing, she was given nutritious food and she was take care of, yet she was falling sick. As a mother, it was even more frustrating as I felt inadequate – and helpless. But then, I always had my friends to talk to. Two good ladies who I’ve known since college, who were also mothers now. I was sure they would have gone through something similar and they would have more insights, for, their kids were little older than mine. We spoke for a long time but only to understand that they felt as helpless as I did. We wanted to do something to get out of the vicious cycle of medicines. We definitely understood the importance of modern medicine, but did not want it to become a part of our kids’ daily diet!

That week, I tried a home remedy for my little one. It was suggested by my husband’s grand mother. It was a tea or a concoction made using garlic, holy basil, black pepper, betel leaf and Indian borage. My daughter hated it but the result was amazing! She was back with new found enthusiasm and out of the sickness in just a day! I immediately called the two moms, we spoke for a long time and we decided this was the way to go. And it was time we did our bit for H-E-A-L-T-H of our families.

Bowl of herbs was born.

Our values

We believe that the native medicine of every country is precious and by imbibing its recipes in everyday life, we can be so much healthier and happy. And here we speak not just our physical health but our mental health too. Even ‘stress’ which has become the root cause for so many issues these days can be reduced with natural medicine. When we says native medicine, it needn’t be some drug made by an unknown practitioner who refuses to reveal what the medicine is made of! Simple ingredients found in the kitchen can be transformed into miracle cures.

Siddha and Ayurveda born in India are treasure chests for ancient remedies that work like charm till today. Most of these remedies have been forgotten since most of us do not follow these. We wanted to take such forgotten remedies to each household, be it in India or abroad.

The team

Team Bowl of Herbs – always happy – always hopeful – always healthy! 🙂


We have a Diploma in Traditional Siddha Medicine and try our best to ensure that authentic tested remedies are presented through this website.

What are we doing?

We try to bring to you the natural remedies available everywhere around us that can make our lives much more simpler and healthier. The remedies suggested here are from different origins – be it Chinese, Egyptian, Thai or from the vedas of India. And the most important source are our mothers and grandmothers who cured illnesses from their herbs cabinet! We are not here to make claims and promises about natural remedies, but we are here to merely suggest the everyday options present in front of us for a healthier tomorrow.

We research ancient texts by sages and read through remedies suggested by them. We then do our research about relevant scientific evidence supporting the remedy and then come up with the suitable recipe that would suit the modern life style.  So, if there is a difficult recipe suggested with Star Anise, we dissect it, make it suitable for our modern day food habits, add flavoring agents and come up with a Star Anise tea with just the right ingredients to enhance health!

We then put together a simple step by step recipe and publish it online.

Most plants used in our recipes are available across the globe although the name could be mentioned is just a few languages. Do not give up just by seeing the name, do a little research and you might be surprised to find the same plant growing in your backyard all this time! 🙂

The recipes suggested here are made with our best effort and care, but what works for one person may not work for the other. Pick the recipe that would suit your health without giving up. When it comes to natural medicine, persistence is key. Most of these are preventive and will go a long way in giving you all-round wellness.

The future

We aspire to broaden our horizons and learn more about native medicines of other cultures and regions and feature those on our website too.

We (the three mothers) involved in the building of the health recipes and remedies for this site are also now pursuing courses in Siddha and Ayurveda to get a better understanding of the subject and to make our readers trust us more! So yes – we take HEALTH seriously!

Do give us your feedback. We will be happy to improve!

Note: The information given in this website is for educational purposes and we recommend that for any major ailment or in cases where you are already undergoing treatment, etc, consult with a naturopathy practitioner.